From our Customers

“I first met Jim Smart in 1989 and was impressed that he worked only on Saabs. Having owned eight Saabs since 1964, I have dealt with many shops. I appreciate that Jim is a Saab specialist, and is well aware of what needs doing and most importantly, how best to do it, considering the age or condition of the car and the situation of the owner. I do not hesitate to recommend Smart Motors to any Saab owner.”

- A. Leroy Clarke

“Jim and Patty are our SAAB gurus! They keep our 9 Saabs purring like the day they left Sweden when they were new. They know every inch of a Saab and understand all of the idiosyncrasies that come with any Saab, from our 1973 96 to our 9-5s.”

- Asher Schlusselberg

“We started buying Saabs from Patty and Jim Smart when our oldest son was ready to drive. Four Saabs and three teenagers later, Smart Motors has earned our full trust and become part of our family! “

- Pamela Matthews

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